Trimble RTX© is a global GNSS technology that provides centimeter-level positioning, worldwide, at any time.

This application allows you to upload GNSS observation data to the CenterPoint RTX post-processing service and receive positioning calculations. The positioning calculations are performed in the observation epoch (current epoch) of ITRF2008 for data sets that were collected prior to March 23rd 2017, and ITRF2014 for data sets that were collected on or after March 23rd 2017. Transformation can be performed by selecting a different coordinate system and tectonic plate. Complete the form below to receive your calculations via email.

  1. Select a coordinate system and tectonic plate:

  2. Select a file to upload:

    New Enhancements

    The CenterPoint RTX post-processing service now supports all dual frequency GNSS receivers.

    Antennas must be on the Supported Antennas list. The post-processing service will not process unsupported antennas. See also: Supported Antennas

    Observation files must meet the following requirements:

    • Data formats accepted include Trimble proprietary data formats (e.g. DAT, T01, T02, T04, Quark) and the standard RINEX 2 and RINEX 3 data formats
    • For optimal processing results, it is recommended to provide at least 60 minutes of observations.
    • Data files cannot exceed 24 hours in length
    • Data files must be static only
    • Data files must contain dual frequency pseudorange and carrier phase observations (L1 and L2)
    • Data must have been collected after 14 May 2011
    • BeiDou data is included since 04 Jun 2014
    • Galileo data is included since 01 Jan 2017
    • If your observation data consists of several files, please compress them to a ZIP archive and upload the zipped file. All files in the ZIP archive must belong to the same station.
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Please contact us if you have further questions or experience any issues.